Comset 4 Relay Digital Input Output Board


  • Maximum load on contacts in Normally Open mode: AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A.
  • Trigger current 5mA.
  • Module can be set to high level or low level trigger using a jumper wire.
  • Onboard LED’s to show power status and relay status (relays 1-4).
  • Fully assembled.
  • Module size: 73mm * 50mm* 18.5mm.
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Warranty: 12 Months

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The Comset DIO-004 is a four- relay digital IO board specifically designed for the CM685V-1, CM685V-4 , CM685V-6 and CM770W-6 3G/4G/4GX Routers as well as the CM685VX and CM950W 5G Routers. It allows controlling of larger loads and devices such as a pump, a fan or an air conditioner via SMS.

The DIO-004 requires 12VDC to operate properly.

Additional information


73 x 50 x 18.5 mm


  • Module interface specifications:
    • DC+ : DC power supply positive pole (12VDC)
    • DC- : DC power supply negative pole (GND)
    • IN1~IN4 : relay signal triggering pin (DIO00~DIO03)
  • Relay output:
    • Normally closed pins (NC1~NC4) : relay normally closed pins
    • Common pins (COM1~COM4) : relay common pins
    • Normally open pins (NO1~NO4) : relay normally open pins
  • High or low level trigger option:
    • S1~S4:Option switch for relays 1~4;
    • Low level trigger if COM pin connects to LOW pin; High level trigger if COM pin connects to High pin