Comset CM312A Wi-Fi Range Extender

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  • Wi-Fi Extender up to 5KM distance
  • Can be configured in four different modes: Bridge, Router, Access Point and Repeater mode
  • POE output ideal to power up external devices such as IP cameras
  • High capacity and scalability
  • 2 x 14dBi antennas built in
  • Powerful 200mW power output
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Warranty: 12 Months

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The Comset CM312A Wi-Fi Range Extender offers a simple solution for extending the reach of your wireless network. It can be used either as a Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi repeater, Wi-Fi access point or a Wi-Fi bridge link for directly connecting Ethernet devices to your Wi-Fi network.

Outdoor use

Designed for outdoor use, and built in ASA industrial grade material, the CM312A can withstand extreme harsh weather conditions.

Powerful design

Powered by an industrial grade CPU, Qualcomm AR9344 560MHz, and a powerful amplifier chip, the CM312A can provide Wi-Fi coverage of up to 5KM.

Built-in PoE

The CM312A can power IP cameras via PoE. Simply connect a LAN cable between the CM312A and the IP camera, turn ON the PoE switch, and the IP camera can be powered directly from the CM312A.

Point to Point

The CM312A is the perfect solution for Point-to-Point connectivity.

Point to Multi-Point

It is also suitable for Point to Multi-Point connectivity.


CM312A indicators and ports.