Fanvil X210 High-End Enterprise IP Phone


  • 20 SIP lines
  • HD audio on speakerphone and handset
  • 4.3” main colour display
  • 2 x 3.5” side colour displays for DSS keys
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 6-way conference
  • Up to 106 DSS keys (42 tri-coloured physical keys)
  • Dual Gigabit ports, integrated PoE
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (via Wi-Fi dongle)
  • Support EHS headset
  • Able to receive video call
  • Stand with 2 adjustable angles of 40° and 50°
  • Power supply not included

Warranty: 24 Months

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X210 is a high-end enterprise IP phone for users who need to get access to flexible and advanced features to handle medium to high call volumes in their daily work. Featuring 10 DSS keys on 4.3″ main colour display, up to 96 DSS keys (32 physical) on 2×3.5″ side colour displays, X210 has up to 106 DSS keys in total to set for BLF, speed dial, group broadcasting function etc. It also comes with HD audio, built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, EHS support, dual Gigabit, PoE, IP camera/SIP door phone integration, delivering vast productivity with these advanced features.

4.3” Main Colour Display

2 x 3.5” Side Colour Displays for DSS Keys

Elegantly designed and featuring a large 4.3” high-resolution colour display and two convenient 3.5” side colour displays make using this IP phone more intuitive than ever.

HD Audio for Speakerphone and Handset

Newly added support for Opus and a larger audio cavity brings abundant, strong low frequency effect. The speakerphone adopts full net coverage delivering crystal clear, life-like voice communications.

Unified Design with Two Side Displays for up to 106 DSS Keys

Convenient operation on X210 with two 3.5” side DSS key displays, no need to add external extension modules

With three page switch buttons, the died displays allow to set up to 96 DSS keys (32 physical), and plus 10 DSS keys on the main display, up to 106 DSS keys are available in total for BLF, speed dial, group broadcasting function etc.

Rich Extension Function

X210 offers a variety of device connections including Wi-Fi (via Wi-Fi dongle), integrated Bluetooth, EHS headset, USB port for charging smartphone or other devices. Two Gigabit ports allows you to connect your desktop computer or laptop on the phone – no need for extra cabling.

Deliver HD Video Call with IP Camera

Equipped with video codec H.264, X210 can be integrated with your IP camera or Fanvil SIP video door phone, so that you can have a two-way talk with visitors and unlock the door from your X210 IP phone if you deem them worthy.

Support 6-Way Audio Conference

The conference organiser can invite up to 5 participants to join in the conference, realising efficient internal and external collaborative work of the enterprise and greatly improving the communication efficiency.

DIY Solution with Hotspot Function

X210 can be used as a mini-PBX, to DIY a small communication and security solution. Connect Fanvil devices such as VoIP phone, SIP door phone, SIP speaker to X210 IP phone by network connections, forming a small DIY system through hotspot function of X210, with no need to buy a PBX. The DIY solution is a perfect selection for small office, small parking lot etc.

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